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Spesifikasi minimal Linux Mint 14 "Nadia"

spesifikasi minimal yang diperlukan adalah:
  •     x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit memerlukan  64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit bisa digunakan baik di 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  •     512 MB RAM (untuk kenyamanan user direkomendasikan 1GB).
  •     5 GB of disk space
  •     Graphics card minimal capable untuk resolusi 800×600
  •     CD/DVD drive atau USB port

Fitur baru lainnya :

  •     Edge Flip
  •     Grid View in Expo
  •     Configurable panel heights
  •     Panel auto-hide delay options
  •     Expo and Scale applets
  •     Brightness applet
  •     Mouse scroll to switch windows in window list applet
  •     “Close all” and “Close other” in window list applet
  •     Cinnamon 2D (A new session which uses software rendering, to help people troubleshoot compatibility problems with Cinnamon)
  •     Workspaces and Menu pages in Cinnamon Settings
  •     Faster menu filtering
  •     Menu activation on hover
  •     Settings applet is now part of the panel context menu
  •     New widgets (for Applet developers): radio buttons and checkboxes

Perbaikan bug yang paling penting :

  •     Improved keyboard navigation in Scale and Expo
  •     Fixed panel labels getting shrunk
  •     Panel zones alignment
  •     Improved stability (fixed many bugs which made Cinnamon 1.4 crash)
  •     Fixed many memory leaks present in Cinnamon 1.4
  •     Improved dual-monitor handling
  •     Fixed context menus appearing behind the panel, flickering or appearing behind other windows.
  •     Faster workspace switching (and no more reordering of the windows)
  •     Fixed skype chat window stealing the focus
  •     Fixed attached dialogs leaving window borders on the screen when closing too fast
  •     Fixed panel autohiding when lookingGlass is open
  •     Fixed showDesktop applet not always showing the desktop
  •     Fixed showDesktop applet missing Gimp utility windows
  •     Fixed places not appearing in menu
  •     Applets are now aligned in the center when placed in the central zone of the panel

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